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Casey Turner

Herald Staff Writer

Clinton graduate Casey Turner, 22, of Clinton, will student teach this fall at the high school he graduated from. Casey has lived in Clinton his entire life. He said both sides of his family have lived in Clinton for generations and many family members are still in the area.

Casey graduated from Clinton High School in 2007. He attends the University of Northern Iowa for a degree in musical education, focusing on instrumental music. Casey enjoyed playing musical instruments, especially the tuba, while in high school. He said in college he has realized music is an avenue for students to reach other opportunities. He said it is an art that needs to be preserved.

Casey’s student-teaching assignment is the last requirement for his degree. He will student teach for two eight-week periods for different students in the Clinton district. This past week, Casey has prepared for the start of school at the high school. He also was involved with band camp during the first week of August and rehearsals held last week.

For the first eight weeks, Casey will help at the high school. His second eight-week period will be spent at the middle-school level. Casey said he will spend these 16 weeks observing and teaching lessons and learning to do everything. He is looking forward to the opportunity to lead the ensemble and see music from the director’s perspective.

Casey will live at home with his mother, Jacie Turner. He said he is greatful for the support he has received from his family, including his father and stepmother, Terry and Dayna Turner, his grandparents Ed and Joyce Luckritz, and Charlie and Voda Turner, and his sister, Erin Turner.

Casey is also looking forward to working at the high school where his fiance, Emily Guemmer, is also student teaching for the high school spanish class.

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