Superintendent Robert “Chuck” Holliday, 58, is excited to be a part of the River Bend School District.

Chuck first became interested in education through his love for music. He worked as a performer in college and decided he wanted to be a band director. He received his bachelor’s of music education degree from Eastern Kentucky University, a masters in education from Xavier University in Cincinnati and a Ph.D. from Ohio University.

Chuck spent five years as a band director in Ohio. He said as he served as a band teacher, his passion for public education grew and he wanted to be more involved. He has served as a principal and district-level administrator in Ohio, Kentucky and Texas for 20 years and served as superintendent in Kentucky for 10 years.

Chuck has been retired, but found that it was just not for him. He began working on a contract basis with districts in Kentucky before deciding to look into available superintendent positions. Chuck was attracted to Illinois because he was impressed by the commitments made by the state board of education. He started at River Bend on July 1.

Chuck previously worked in smaller school districts, so he said River Bend should be a good match for his talent and skills. He said he believes the most important civil right students have is to receive a great public education that prepares them for life. He is thrilled to lead a school district “Where everybody is somebody.”

Chuck and his wife of 31 years, Vera, have been living in Hickman, Ky. He has been renting in Clinton while their home is prepared in Albany, Ill. He said he and Vera look forward to living in Albany and enjoying the great location and lifestyle of the community. Vera is a practicing professional pianist. Chuck and Vera’s daughter, Melody, and son-in-law, Anthony, currently live in Jonesboro, Ark.

Chuck is a member of the Illinois Association of School Administrators, the American Association of School Administrators and a 25-year member of Phi Delta Kappa. In previous years, he has been a member of the Lions Club and Rotary.