The second Fulton Forum for Organizations recently met in Agri-King’s Del Curley Conference Center to discuss how residents can provide on-going support to their favorite Fulton non-profit groups and projects. The event was hosted by the Fulton Association for Community Enrichment. Thirty-five people, representing 22 local organizations, attended the forum.  

FACE, like the community foundations in several surrounding towns, is affiliated with the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend. The president and CEO of the CFGRB shared several different ways gifts, of any size, can be given by residents who want to support charitable work in Fulton.

Connie Koehn, FACE’s executive director, said Fulton residents have created 16 different funds through FACE since 2007 and those funds have made almost $70,000 in grants across the community in 2010. That money is coming almost entirely from the 10 endowments among those 16 funds. She asked the attendees to think about all the other services and activities that could be better funded if large numbers of Fulton residents help to build up the existing endowments or create additional ones.  

To help encourage a spirit of giving through endowments, FACE also announced the creation of an ambassadors’ group. Each organization in attendance was encouraged to have someone from its group become part of the ambassadors’ group. The FACE board will provide this group with more information on how residents can give through the community foundation.

The support of Fulton’s organizations is critical to making Fulton’s community foundation an important financial resource for all of Fulton’s charitable groups the board said.  

Another part of the meeting fostered better understanding and possible collaboration on providing services to the Fulton area. Each organization had several minutes to share its mission, current projects, dreams and challenges. Many participants gained some new insight during this exchange and some identified possible groups that could help them or that they could help. Those organizations attending were: Fulton American Legion, Fulton Chamber of Commerce, De Immigrant volunteer millers, FACE, Friends of the Windmill, Fulton City Council, Fulton City Lodge 189, Fulton Diabetic Support Forum, Fulton Food Pantry, Fulton GEMS Club, Fulton Historical Society, Harbor Crest Auxiliary, Harbor Crest Nursing Home, Kiwanis, River Bend School District, River Bend Education Foundation, River Bend Senior Center, Schmaling Public Library, Supporters of Schmaling, The Complex, Unity Christian schools and the Windmill Area Steering Committee.

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