The 2011 Fourth of July weekend, which was filled with newly-restructured events and activities, has drawn to a close. Now begins the time for evaluation and review, and decisions on what next year’s Fourth of July might possibly look like.

The Clinton Jaycees, who were responsible for the weekend’s carnival and musical entertainment, are beginning to discuss what they may do in the future.

“The Clinton Jaycees Fourth of July celebration and carnival ran smoothly,” Travis Flatten, Jaycees spokesman, said. “(We) are starting to discuss whether or not we will do an event like this again.”

The factors the Jaycees will examine include the financial outcome of this year’s event, and the future of Clinton Riverboat Days. Also examined will be the potential of changing the date and location of the Jaycees’ events.

“Some discussions in our group have been, if we do an event like this again, do we keep the Fourth of July tradition going, or do we change the date and possibly the location so we are not compared to Riverboat Days in their prime several years ago,” Flatten said. “A change of dates might also give us a chance of getting a bigger carnival.”

Overall, the Jaycees have received positive feedback from the community on their events.

“A lot of people are thanking us for stepping up and giving the community a festival over the Fourth of July and others have thanked us for making the event free,” Flatten said. “We have received feedback that people did not know what was going on or that our event was free.  So if we host an event like this in the future we will have to look for different ways to publicize the event.” Clinton Riverboat Days made adjustments to their events this year based on finances, said spokesman Mike Fullerton. Riverboat Days held their annual parade and fireworks display on the Fourth, but did not contract any other events or activities.

“The decision we made was based on money, to bring in a name brand we could not do,” Fullerton said. “We made a decision based on what we could do.”

Fullerton felt both the parade and fireworks went well, and has yet to receive community feedback. He said the Riverboat Days board will discuss the events immediately, but will not make any decisions on next year for awhile.

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