Last year, Karlee Low and Debbie Holstein became involved with Camanche Days through their work on the Camanche High School’s 50th anniversary celebration. This year, the pair have been named the Camanche Days parade grand marshals.

Low and Holstein grew up next door to each other in Camanche. Holstein graduated from Camanche High School in 1973 and Low graduated in 1980. They are now both teachers in the Camanche School District.

Last year the school celebrated 50 years of having a high school. Low and Holstein were key organizers for the anniversary celebration. When the two of them were planning the teacher’s Christmas party the year before they began talking about doing something special for the anniversary during homecoming. Low had the idea of having fireworks. They both said they planned to keep it simple until they began talking to Superintendent Tom Parker, who wanted the celebration to be bigger. A committee of seven to 10 people was formed to plan the different events.

The school district’s celebration became a part of last year’s Camanche Days after the committee discussed having a street dance to celebrate the 50 years. After discussing the idea, the committee members decided instead to see if they could pair up with the annual festival.

Low and Holstein said Camanche Days is already an established and important part of the Camanche community.

They said many people use the event as a type of reunion, seeing people they have not seen in a long time. They both agreed the festival is a nice family event with activities for all ages.

“It’s just a nice event to walk through,” said Low.

The anniversary committee held a variety of activities during the celebration’s kickoff during Camanche Days, including a fly-over picture of Camanche graduates spelling out “CHS” and “50.” Almost 350 people appeared in the picture. The committee organized other events, such as a football reunion where the two state-qualifying teams from 1985 and 1995 were brought back for the event. Both Low and Holstein said the best part of planning the celebration was working with each other.

Low and Holstein were both very excited when they were chosen as grand marshals. They said it is great to be chosen for such an honor.

Holstein and Low will start the event and ride in the parade. However, that is not all they will be doing during the festival. This year, Holstein will be working with the food vendors and Low will be working on the children’s events.

“So after the parade, we pretty much go to work,” said Holstein.

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