Five-year-old Annabelle (left) and Abigail Vanark work on crafts at the Youth for a Safe Non-Violent Community annual summer event on Saturday.

Samantha Pidde/Herald Staff Writer

Clinton families turned out at Clinton Central Park for Saturday’s Youth for a Safe Non-Violent Community annual summer event.

A bounce house, face-painting area, craft table, and a variety of game areas were crowded by waiting children. The nearby basketball court held children participating in the three-on-three basketball challenge. However, the tables seeing the most traffic were those giving out free school supplies.

This annual event is held by the Vinson H. Jetter Community Center. Besides offering food and activities, the event also provided free school supplies to area children. Volunteers handed out plastic bags with an assortment of school items.

Six-year-old Noah Adrian and his mother, Jennifer Adrian-Hewitt, were happy to receive the supplies. This was their first year attending the community event. Adrian-Hewitt said with her son starting school this fall, it was great to get some supplies.

Noah looked forward to playing games and jumping in the bounce house.

The supplies were given away quickly. The event began at 10 a.m. and ended at 2 p.m. By 11 a.m., one of the event’s coordinators, Dina White, said the 200 bags of supplies had been given away. Extra supplies were bagged for people coming later.

A variety of volunteers worked the various tables during the event. Aaliyah Chapman, 16, sat at one table, painting children’s faces. Three-year-old Jyshon Harris had her paint an orange fire truck on his cheek. Chapman was excited to help at the event and said she enjoyed being one of the face painters.

Shelle Harris grew up as a child with the Jetter family and knew Vinson. She said her son, Jyshon, enjoyed all the event had to offer.

Entertainer Eara Nimmers aka “Hip Hop Hannah” braided and beaded hair and applied temporary tattoos and face glitter. She said she likes to “glitter and bling” the children.

Jamy Foley’s 5-year-old daughter, Tania Foley, had a tattoo and glitter applied to her face. Foley’s son was competing in the basketball challenge.

White said she considered the annual event to be a big success. Nivia Thomas felt this event was a great opportunity for people to see the different faces of Clinton. Her son, Elijah Thomas, 2, played various games, especially having fun catching plastic fish floating in a small pool with a net.

Thomas said this event is the one time when people from the community join together to celebrate unity and education.

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