Tree work

Carl Foley of Foley Tree Care uses a Bobcat skid-loader to remove trees in the front of a Clinton residence and move them into a wood chipper.

Carl Foley and his crew take care of Clinton trees.

Carl is the owner of Foley Tree Care. He has been working in tree service for 24 years and has had his own business since 1998.

Thursday morning Carl and the two members of is crew, Joe Colschen and T.J. Kyarsgaard, met for the day at 8 a.m. at the Clinton Electric Service parking lot before heading to their appointments for the day. Carl said with the equipment and their work, the three of them are enough to get the jobs done.

Currently the business has 140 jobs to do. Carl said they do three to four jobs a day and he picks up three or four more jobs each day. He said they never get their list of jobs below 100 until November. They average approximately 540 jobs in a year.

Thursday they have three jobs planned, but Carl is concerned about one of them due to the rain. They start with an emergency tree removal  on 24th Place at Camanche Avenue. Carl drives the truck with the wood chipper attached and his crew drives the truck holding the Bobcat skid-loader. At the scene, they find a large tree that blew down in the last storm.

One man gets ready to operate the wood chipper, while another grabs a chainsaw and Carl hops into the Bobcat. The crew member with the chainsaw breaks up the tree into manageable chunks, while Carl picks up large pieces of the tree and moves them into the wood chipper. Carl said without the skid-loader they could not do what they need to. He said he could not pay 20 men to do what this machine does.

Once the large pieces of the tree are in the wood chipper, the crew sweeps up the rest and puts it into the chipper. The next job is on Second Avenue North, where the home owner wants two large trees removed from the front yard. The trees have grown too big and portions of them are dead. Before starting the job they empty the truck of the wood chips. Once they are back at the house, one of his workers cuts branches, while the other operates the chipper and directs Carl and any traffic in the street.

After Carl has moved both of the trees into the chipper, he goes back over the yard with the Bobcat. He said the good thing about a track model versus one with tires is that it smooths over the yard, rather than leaving ruts.

A tree branch has also broken on a tree in the home’s backyard. He prepares a pole saw for his crew member to use to cut off the fallen limb. Carl then moves the limb into the chipper. Once the main job is done, Carl takes the pole saw and cleans off limb stubs on the tree. He said if he did not clean and cut them off, those areas would rot.