FULTON, Ill. After a long holiday hiatus, the Volunteer Millers of de Immigrant Windmill in Fulton are back and they have several programs for visitors of the windmill.

Each month from January to November, the Volunteer Millers will present a different program at the Windmill Cultural Center all based on this year's theme "Life's a Breeze," offering views of the natural world.

"I know that much of what was happening around the windmill would happen around nature and science so I really wanted to stick to that idea," Volunteer Miller and program director Heidi Kolk said.

To kick-off the nature themed programs, wildlife artist Brent Langly will present at 6 p.m. Tuesday a program about the native birds of Trinidad and Tobago and talk about how different aspects of wildlife influence him as an artist.

But, Langly is just the beginning, according to Kolk, who has organized every Volunteer Millers program that will be featured at the Windmill Cultural Center this year.

Although each program will air on the theme "Life's a Breeze," each one is unique and interesting in a variety of different ways.

"We do have a couple of repeats on occasion but we try to have the majority of them be new speakers or new topics," Kolk said. "It's important for us to have as much quality programming as we can to keep people interested in the windmill area."

The programs run a variety of days during the week but each month will offer a different viewpoint into nature and all are free and open to the public. For more information about what programs will be featured during which month, visit the city of Fulton website or the Windmill Cultural Center and de Immigrant Windmill Facebook page for details.

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