ROCK ISLAND, Ill. — The holiday season was upon us at the Circa ’21 production of “White Christmas.” A fantastic job was done in transitioning this well known movie to the stage. Director Ann Nieman was able to retain the original flavor and light-hearted pace of the movie from 1954.

“White Christmas” is the story of two young GIs who, after finishing their stint in the Army in 1944, pursue a career as song and dance men on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” We follow them in their romantic entanglements and their attempt to help the general they once served under, which provides many light-hearted and funny happenings.

Costumes and sets were nostalgic and constantly changing. There were 17 scenes with almost as many different sets that were very realistic and representative of the mid-1950s. I was impressed with the changing sets and how fluidly it was done.

All of the actors performed their roles with gusto and charm and performed equally well, but there was a standout. Paris Bradstreet as Martha Watson was very funny and could definitely belt out a tune.

“White Christmas” is crammed full of Irving Berlin songs. Some favorites are “Blue Skies,” “Sisters,” “I Love A Piano,” “Snow” and, of course, the title song. There are more than 16 songs for your listening pleasure.

The final scene on Christmas Eve was a sight to behold as all the characters gathered in glittering Christmas garb and sang “White Christmas” as the snow gently fell. The best was definitely saved for last. I don’t mean to sound trite, but it was absolutely beautiful.

If you want to add nostalgia, humor and great music to your Christmas season, this is the play for you.

Reservations can be made by calling (309) 786-7733 at Circa ’21 Playhouse, Rock Island.