CLINTON — The “Keep Iowa Beautiful” initiative is set to make its impact on the Clinton community in the near future.

The initiative’s Hometown Pride Program “enhances the economic and cultural vitality of communities by supporting, facilitating and furthering the implementation of community and county plans in a coordinated strategy with the assistance of a community coach,” information from Clinton County community coach Francis Boggus says.

A committee headed by Boggus met Friday morning to set the program’s Clinton County ideas into motion. Boggus was selected by a local steering committee to serve as the county’s community coach after having more than 12 years as a board-based community specialist.

Boggus has experience in community development and engagement, grant writing and management, community vision, fundraising and project implementation.

Keep Iowa Beautiful has partnered with the local governments of Clinton, Camanche, Delmar, DeWitt, Grand Mound, Lost Nation, Low Moor, Welton and Wheatland as active participants, as well as the East Central Intergovernmental Association, the Clinton County Board of Supervisors and the Clinton County Development Association.

The program initially is set to continue for the next five years.

After a short brainstorming period, committee members at the next meeting are set to discuss specific projects and goals for the first year of the initiative.

“We need to focus on what type of projects we can achieve in the next 12 months,” Boggus told committee members Friday. “We need to focus on what types of things we need to work on. What can we target? Maybe one or two things or projects we can produce in 12 months and say, ‘We started this, we developed this idea.’”

Along with brainstorming, Boggus stressed that funding for the projects is also a priority, and a key aspect in achieving certain goals in that 12-month timeframe saying, “We have to get that initial success to build community enthusiasm... once you see someone achieve that success, then you get other people involved.”