CLINTON — It was in a different place and at a different time, but a crowd gathered Saturday at the Clinton Riverview Pool bath house for the annual Easter event put on by Animal Birth Control, Inc.

Dogs and their owners gathered for the Animal Birth Control Easter parade, egg hunt and bake sale. The event started with a parade, with awards being presented to the best-dressed dog. Following the parade was an Easter egg hunt for the dogs. They also had an Easter egg hunt for children, because Judy May, founder and Board president of Animal Birth Control, found that people who attended the event also brought their children.

“When we started, the event was for dogs,” May said. “But then we found that people often brought their children also and thought we should have something for them to do.”

The event is normally held at Eagle Point Park lodge, but May said the event was moved due to the lodge being renovated. They also moved the time, hoping people who had things going on later in the day could still attend the event.

May says her eyes were opened to the problem of unwanted pets while working for the Clinton Humane Society in the 1980s. She founded Animal Birth Control in 1986, and later this event, because she wanted to put an end to unwanted pets.

“When I was working at the humane society, I would see animals have to get euthanized because of the expense of having it,” May said. “So I thought we could eliminate this by not having them born.”

The main goal of the fundraiser is to raise money to have pets spayed and neutered. ABC holds about four fundraising events per year, according to May. Aside from the Easter event, they also hold a pet show, pet portraits and a bow-wow luau. According to May, she often sees people at multiple events and people who attend the Easter event often come back the following year.

“People come all over a 100-mile radius,” May said. “We have many of them, probably more than half, who have been to the event before.”

Most of all, May is happy the weather cooperated this year. The event is always held on Easter weekend, which is often later in April. She admits the weather was not perfect but could have been worse this time of year.

“We always have it the weekend of Easter, which is often later on,” May said. “It’s bound to be chilly this time of year.”

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