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Clinton Humane Society staff members including (front row, from left) Sandi Bartels with Diamond and Jessica Alvarez; and (back row, from left) Brenda Sampson holding Kirby, Kim Bielema, Jessica Bielema and Cheryl Jackson, are putting together Barney’s Bingo fundraiser Wednesday at the Moose Club.

Samantha Pidde/Clinton Herald
Herald Staff Writer

Staff from the Clinton Humane Society are asking people for help by attending Barney’s Bingo fundraiser.

The fundraiser is named for a dog, Barney, which staff members consider one of the shelter’s success stories. When Barney and his sister were left at the humane society, they were crammed into a crate. He was 5 months old and weighed 55 pounds. Humane Society Operations Manager Sandi Bartels said staff worried about his future because larger dogs have a more difficult time being adopted. When his adoptive family came in and saw him, they said “bingo,” that was the one they wanted, Bartels said.

Barney’s Bingo is one of the biggest staff-coordinated fundraisers for the humane society, according to Bartels. Animal Care Attendant Kim Bielema said the fundraiser is to allow the shelter “to maintain the health and well-being of our animals.”

“There are so many homeless animals in our area,” Bielema said.

Bielema added that maintaining the shelter and caring for the animals are quite costly. The shelter goes through 600 pounds of litter in one week.

“It benefits all the animals up here who come through the door,” Bielema said.

The fundraiser will start at 5 p.m. Wednesday at the Moose Club, 1936 Lincoln Way. Bingo will begin at 6 p.m. and tickets for bingo packets cost $10. Any extra special games and the jackpot sheets are sold separately. These tickets can be purchased at the humane society or at the door Wednesday.

Each bingo game will pay out $100 and the jackpot game will pay out $300, with a consolation prize of $150. Any of the winners who donate a portion of their winnings back to the shelter, will receive a free raffle ticket. The shelter has approximately 40 items collected through donations and sponsors to raffle off. These items include a 42-inch LCD television, an overnight stay at the Holiday Inn in Clinton and an overnight stay in the Clarion Hotel in Davenport.

Barney is coming to the fundraiser with his adoptive family. Participants can get photographs with him. The event will have food available for purchase, including “Barney burgers.”

“He’s become quite a famous boy,” Bielema said.

The humane society is hoping to make this fundraiser an annual event.

“All anyone has to do is come and look in the eyes of an animal in our shelter and they’ll know how much it is appreciated,” Bielema said.

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