CLINTON — The Clinton County Board of Supervisors has approved over $800,000 in budget amendments for fiscal year 2018.

The Supervisors on Tuesday approved a resolution to authorize County Auditor Eric Van Lancker to make adjustments to the fiscal year 2018 budgets of Keep Iowa Beautiful, the county sanitarian, the county sheriff and the Board of Health. The total in budget amendments is $857,281, including over $230,000 for the sheriff general basic and sheriff general supplemental budgets.

“The sheriff general basic and general supplemental, we’ve been talking about it since we approved this budget, and that has to do with technically the room and board line which is the transportation, room and board the sheriff’s office has to pay when they have to transport inmates to other facilities,” Van Lancker said. “I’ve actually reviewed that line.

He said that amount has skyrocketed in the past two years.

“We had to do a budget amendment at the end of last year,” he said. “And we’re having to do one already this year. We knew that when we budgeted this budget. We talked with Craig (Eberhart), the jail administrator at that time, and the sheriff – let’s budget so this doesn’t happen again knowing it may happen again and unfortunately it happened again.”

Clinton County Sheriff Rick Lincoln said a maximum of 44 inmates may be held per day at the Clinton County Jail. Lincoln said any additional inmates are transported and housed in another county. The inmates at the Clinton County Jail are individuals arrested by the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office, three local police departments and the Iowa State Patrol. Lincoln said the county has been working to decrease inmate numbers at the county jail.

“Through the Clinton County Justice Coordinating Commission we’ve worked very hard over the years to identify those inmates that are not a danger to society and are most likely to show up for their court date and we’ve been releasing them,” Lincoln said.

“So, therefore, those people that we are keeping in jail have been charged with more serious crimes or are probably less likely to show up on their court date. And those are the people that are occupying our cells and unfortunately other county jail cells.”

The county budgeted money for the Keep Iowa Beautiful and Board of Health grants but needed the budget amendment to give expenditure authority.

The sanitarian budget amendment is a result of a temporary employee cost that went over budget.

The Supervisors unanimously approved a resolution to authorize the budget amendments.

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