For lovers and loved ones, today is about chocolate, strawberries, and romance — or simply showing that you care for someone.

As a result, local shops are heading into some of their busiest days of the year.

“It’s crazy,” said Jane Deters, owner of Clinton Floral Shop, 1912 Manufacturing Drive.

Dudad’s Hallmark, 236 Fifth Ave. South, will generate a noticeable incline in revenue as greeting cards are a staple for Valentine’s Day. Manager Leanne Smith looks forward to today. It’s just a nice holiday to see people come out for, she said.

Her popular items include two singing animals — a lion and elephant — and pop-up cards in addition to the traditional Valentine’s Day card.

The average consumer spends over $100 on Valentine’s Day, with nearly 180 million cards exchanged.

To cover an average of more than 500 orders, Clinton Floral hires 10 extra sets of hands. Today is the biggest day of the year for Deters, and her whirlwind of work started earlier this week. Orders for arrangements, stuffed animals and candy have been flooding in since Monday.

“And roses of course,” Deters added.

Don’s Jewelry owners Sheralyn and Dan Bartels see a lot of last-minute diamond purchases. Don’s Jewelry aids many last-minute shoppers and Sheralyn expects an influx today as well. The store at 200 Main Ave. tends to have specials on necklaces, rings and bracelets; this holiday it has a special on various necklaces and gold-dipped roses – which are exactly what they sound like. Dropped in gold to last forever, the roses come in various colors.

Sheralyn said she’s grateful to the community for supporting the store, a long-time family business. Though its patrons near Valentine’s Day are predominately men, women do filter in for purchases.

“And Valentine’s Day is a good day to feel better, when we’ve had all this snow,” she said.

When asked if she had sold any engagement rings, Sheralyn said there were “a couple surprises along the way.”

Though the day seems to target couples, the love is spread in different ways.

Clinton Floral, established in 1943 by Deters’ parents, has held onto two of its employees for 30 years. Also, the extended Valentine’s Day help is her extended family.

Deters said she grew up with the understanding that family was the “circle of friends that love you,” and to her, there could be no better help during her busiest day of the year.

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