Camanche develops street work plan

CAMANCHE — The city of Camanche is proceeding with a two-year street improvement plan, with a goal to later implement a five-year plan.

Camanche City Administrator Andrew Kida and Public Works Director Mark Hilgendorf toured the city to assess the condition of city streets. They developed a two-year plan for city road projects. Other streets not identified in the two-year plan that may need attention could go into the five-year plan.

The report states the city's road use tax fund is carrying a large balance due to work delayed from last fiscal year. The city currently has $748,126 in road use tax fund cash. There are over $324,000 in projects yet to be paid. The balance after those payments leaves the city $423,900 in the road use tax fund. Kida stated the city needs to spend some of the money in the road use tax fund or it will have an issue when an audit is done on the city's finances.

"It would be challenging if we did both phases at one time financially but that money keeps rolling in," Kida said. Every month we're averaging about $45,000 from the state from the road use fund. So the expectation when we get the funding is that we spend it. We should not be sitting on it to his point."

The estimated cost for phase one of the street improvements project is an estimated $418,106. The proposed road use tax fund balance after phase one, if done in the fall, is $133,294. The proposed road use tax fund balance after phase one, if done in the spring, is $473,294.

Phase one street improvements include resurfacing of Second Avenue from 10th Place to Sixth Street, of Sixth Street from Second Avenue to Ninth Avenue and part of Dunburr Street.

Part two of the first phase includes resurfacing Middle Road and 13th Place on the east side of Seventh Avenue. The other half will be paved.

The third part of the first phase includes resurfacing 15th Avenue south of the tracks and Brion Place.

The fourth part of the first phase calls for resurfacing of the 37th Avenue entry. The plan calls for tar and chip work to be completed on Ninth Street, country area, from the bridge to 49th Avenue and on 49th Avenue from Ninth Street to the city limits. The plan calls for crack seal work to be done on Fourth Street from 13th Avenue to 15th Avenue, Anthony Place, 37th Avenue after entry to Ninth Street, Second Avenue from 14th Street to 16th Street, Third Avenue from 14th Street to 16th Street, Rosehill Avenue, Fourth Avenue from 14th Street to 16th Street, 11th Place by the school, specifically the gravel along shoulder areas, 14th Place from Seventh Avenue to Hiawatha, Woods Avenue from Middle Road to 16th Street and Middle Road from Seventh Avenue to 19th Avenue.

Phase two of the street improvement plan calls for resurfacing of First Street from Sixth Avenue to 11th Avenue when construction of homes are complete, Fifth Street from Fourth Avenue to Ninth Avenue, 10th Avenue from Fifth Street to Third Street, Seventh Street from Eighth Avenue to Seventh Avenue and from Fifth Avenue to Lum Park, Fourth Avenue from the railroad tracks to Third Street and Fifth Street from Washington Boulevard to 16th Avenue.

The total project estimate for phase two is $414,709. The proposed road use tax fund balance after phase two, in fall 2019, if Love's Road is not needed, is $303,809. The proposed road use tax fund balance after phase two in spring 2020, if Love's Road is not needed, is $166,585. The report states if the Love's plan does not require additional access, there will be a $375,000 surplus in the road use tax fund by the spring. This would allow the city to commit to phase two in the fall of 2019 and add some work to be performed in the spring of 2020.

"Andrew (Kida), since he started, we've been talking about an overall strategic plan and this will fit right into that and that's part of the ADA transition plan that the Park and Rec is going and we will do that overall as a city," Camanche Mayor Trevor Willis said. "We want to start small and get the process going. And kudos to Andrew on getting on all of that. But, yeah, we think working all of this into a strategic plan is going to do nothing but help us and help those who will sit here in the future as well."