CAMANCHE — The Camanche Fire Department’s building will receive a gutter replacement after the Camanche City Council approved the low bid from Beckwith Commercial Roofing to complete the project.

The city of Camanche received bids from two companies to complete gutter replacement.

Beckwith, located in Clinton, submitted two bids, one for the gutter replacement and one for seam repair. The bid for the gutter replacement is for $5,672, The bid includes the removal of existing gutters, disposal of debris and providing and installing a 24-gauge, white steel, 7-inch seamless gutter. The maximum lengths are 60 feet with one seam on each side. The bid also includes providing and installing expansion joints where needed and all accessories necessary to complete the installation.

The submitted bid for repair seams is for $1,380. The bid includes cleaning and preparing all seams in the existing gutter on both sides of the building, providing and installing urethane sealant to all seams and providing equipment to perform work safely.

Henningsen Construction, which built the structure in 1995. submitted a bid for $10,220. The bid included the furnishing of all materials including freight and sales tax and the removal and replacement of the eave gutter on both sides of the existing building. The bid also stipulated there would be two runs of gutter at 120 feet. The bid stated Henningsen Construction would move the location of one downspout from the west side of the overhead door to the east side of the overhead door and that Henningsen Construction would recaulk the base condition at the brick wainscot as needed.

“Henningsen Construction they came in and they said typically 15 years you’re looking at redoing the gutters,” Camanche Fire Chief Dave Schutte said. “The issue is now it’s starting to cause other problems with the building. The brickwork is starting to deteriorate because of the leaks. It leaks over all the doors because there’s a seam every 20 feet. We’ve had to replace security lights because it leaks on those and causes them to deteriorate faster than they should. So it’s just, it’s time.”

Schutte believes they have money in the operating budget for the gutter replacement.

Councilwoman Amber Metzger made a motion to approve the bid from Beckwith Commercial Roofing for gutter replacement in the amount of $5,672. The Camanche City Council voted 5-0 to approve the motion.