The Clinton County Area Solid Waste Agency Board on Thursday voted to take the first steps to assess corrective measures that will align the agency with DNR standards.

“As much as it is a chore, it is an opportunity to do what we are charged to do.  That is being good stewards of the environment while handling the solid waste of the Clinton County area,” CCASWA Director of Operations and Education Brad Seward said.

The board unanimously approved a resolution to accept the assessment of corrective measures from engineering consultants Barker Lemar. The assessment will cost the CCASWA $13,965.

According to Seward, the assessment will measure the corrective actions that need to be taken by the agency to resolve landfill gas and groundwater problems the landfill is currently facing and must correct per regulations passed by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources in 2007. The assessment is due to the DNR by Dec. 31 of this year.

Seward said most of the landfills in Iowa are approaching similar plans.  

“These are uncharted waters, if you will,” C.J. Lage, project manager with Barker Lemar, said.

Under the plan, the consultants will identify three possible remedies for potential problems the landfill has.

According to the approved proposal, the remedies will be measured by various standards including the time required to complete it, the costs of remedy implementation and the potential impacts.  They will also be judged by long and short-term effectiveness and the degree to which community concerns are addressed by potential remedies, as well as many other guidelines.

Part of the assessment process will also include a public hearing, which will take place at a yet-to-be determined date.

The City of Clinton is currently implementing a nearly $100 million plan to meet mandates from the Iowa DNR and Environmental Protection Agency.  Seward said he does not know what the costs associated with the corrective measures will be for the landfill.

“It’s very premature to see where this is going to go,” he said. “Moving forward there is a lot of learning that has to take place to meet the expectations of the DNR.”

The board also tabled a proposal for entry drive repairs from Determann Asphalt in order to seek other options for the work.  

Seward also updated the board on a DNR visit that happened in July.  The agency has yet to hear feedback from the DNR regarding the visit.

In addition, Seward updated the board on the fire which occurred July 30.  

He said the fire was put out quickly and there was no damage.  The landfill also saw minimal damage from the weekend’s storms, he said.  A well casing was damaged from bales of hay being blown by the strong winds. The agency is investigating repairs for the damage.