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Police Chief Brian Guy

Police Chief Brian Guy has been reappointed to a state commission that oversees the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy.

Guy will continue to represent the Iowa Police Chiefs Association on the 13-person commission, members of which are appointed by the Governor.

The appointment was announced earlier this month, and his four-year term will begin May 1. Guy is currently completing a two-year term on the commission.

Guy has served on the Law Enforcement Academy Council for much of the past decade. It is a responsibility and an honor he said he relishes, as it allows him to “have a hand in” the policies that govern the training of peace officers across the state.

“It’s a very worthwhile assignment for me,” Guy said. “I’m humbled by the Iowa Police Chiefs Association to select me. I am also humbled by the appointment and nomination by the Iowa Governor and the Senate.”

Guy was first appointed to serve on the commission in 2002 by then-Gov. Tom Vilsack. He was reappointed by Vilsack in 2006, and completed that term in April of 2010.

A law change in 2011 expanded the number of commission members from seven to 13, to allow representatives from organizations like the IPCA to participate.

Guy was chosen to complete the remainder in-progress four year term in August 2011, and was reappointed by Gov. Terry Branstad in March, and confirmed by the Legislature soon after.

“I just got my paperwork from the Secretary of the State (last week),” Guy said.

Guy said that the commission, which meets regularly in Des Moines, oversees administrative rules related to training and certification of police officers, sheriff’s deputies, telecommunications specialists and reserve officers throughout the state.

The commission is the certifying authority for peace officers statewide. It also reviews petitions for decertifications and considers waivers or requests to alter administrative rules.