Clinton High School nabbed the top two awards in girls play, and bowlers from Clinton, Camanche and Central DeWitt were selected for the All-District 3 bowling team.

River Queens senior Taylor Wiebers was named district Bowler of the Year, and Clinton’s Mark Richardson was named Coach of the Year in girls bowling. Juniors Faith Schultz of Camanche and Abigail Shontos of Clinton also were named to the 10-player all-district team.

Wiebers had a 185.1-pin average, with a high game of 243 and high series of 457. Schultz averaged 175.0 with a high game of 220, one better than the season high for Shontos, who averaged 175.7.

Clinton senior Seth Pennock and juniors Cody Mensinger of Camanche and Allen Mumm of Central DeWitt were named to the boys all-district team.

Pennock had a 214-a-game average with a high game of 278 and a high series of 505. Mensinger averaged 210.1 a game with highs of 278 and 505. Mumm, who rolled the highest series in the state this season, a 563, averaged 215.2 a game with a high game score of 289.

Josh Anderson of Muscatine was Bowler of the Year for the boys, while Davenport North’s Jeff Strouth was named Coach of the Year.

Anderson’s 235.6 average ranked second best in the state.



Taylor Wiebers, sr., Clinton (185.1 average); Michaela Kelly, fr., Bettendorf (179.9); Faith Schultz, jr., Camanche (175.0); Abigail Shontos, jr., Clinton (175.7); Amber Froehlich, jr., Davenport Central (187.3); Stephanie Rowland, sr., Davenport North (166.3); Tanner Werthmann, jr., Davenport West (181.1); Kendra Ballensky, sr., Muscatine (202.1); Markisa Ewoldt, sr., North Scott (152.8); Taylor Becker, sr., Pleasant Valley (141.9).

Bowler of the Year — Wiebers.

Coach of the Year — Richardson.


Josh Anderson, sr., Muscatine (235.6 average); Brendan Kelly, sr., Bettendorf (208.0); Cody Mensinger, jr., Camanche (210.1); Seth Pennock, sr., Clinton (214.0); Jacob Walsh, jr., Davenport Central (183.6); Zach Fries, jr., Davenport North (215.6); Spencer Werthmann, jr., Davenport West (233.0); Allen Mumm, jr., Central DeWitt (215.2); Grant Greenley, sr., Muscatine (200.8); Bryant Swanson, sr., North Scott (205.3); Charlie Neff, jr., Pleasant Valley (202.3).

Bowler of the Year — Anderson.

Coach of the Year — Jeff Strouth, Davenport North.

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