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Clinton High School Activities Director Gary Lueders explains his vision for the CHS Hall of Fame on Monday. This trophy case in the entrance of the new addition at CHS could be used to display plaques and information on inductees.

Katie Dahlstrom/Clinton Herald
Herald Staff Writer

Members of  the Clinton School Board were given details about two Clinton High School projects during their meeting on Monday.

Architect Dave Briden and construction manager Sam Harding delivered a summary of the renovation project at CHS followed by CHS Activities Director Gary Lueders, who presented details of the proposed Hall of Fame.

Briden and Harding reported that the punch-out lists of items that need to be addressed, and the review of other paperwork from the various groups working on both phases of the project is being completed. 

With school starting on Thursday, Superintendent Deb Olson proposed the question to Briden and Harding of when both phases of the project would be completed.

According to Briden, getting paperwork completed could take several months.  

“To be honest, the documentation and paperwork sometimes can be a challenge to get.  The good thing is we’re already well on the way,” Briden said.

However, the school could be nearly contractor-free less than a week after school starts, according to Harding.  

“I’d say on the ones that are still finishing up on renovation, within the next week they’ll be pretty much done and out of there,” he said.

CHS Principal Karinne Tharaldson Jones said while there will be some intrusion during the school day, it will not be substantial.  

One item that remains unresolved is a tile problem in the shallow end of the new swimming pool. According to Harding, the problem is not a functional one, but rather an aesthetic one involving tiles with too much grout in between them.  

Harding reported that Westport Pools does not want to drain the pool in order to fix the tiles.  

Instead, they have proposed a credit to the school district in order for the school to fix the problem when it decides to drain the pool.  The pool would not need to be drained for another five to 10 years.  

Harding stated he would prefer the pool be fixed now rather than later.  

Following the presentation regarding the end of CHS renovations, Lueders offered the board an update on the beginning of Hall of Fame to honor athletes, coaches and significant contributors to athletics at CHS.  

“This is something I thought about before I got here. I’ve been very aware of the legacy and history of athletics at Clinton High School. I thought it was an injustice that we couldn’t honor those individuals,” Lueders said before the board meeting on Monday.

The Hall of Fame committee, which consists of Lueders, and seven other members, met in March and May and will meet again in September to finalize the guidelines for who and how a person or group would be inducted.

“I wanted to make sure we did it right,” Lueders said.

Lueders hopes to open nominations for the wall by November.  Nominations would be accepted from community members and reviewed by the committee, he said.

Lueders’ vision entails unveiling the inaugural round of inductees by spring 2013.

Over the summer of 2013, the committee would organize the induction ceremony, which Lueders sees in August.

“My vision on it would be to tie it into the grand opening of the turf field and have a special night,” Lueders said.

Inductees would possibly have a plaque and information about them displayed in the trophy case or wall in the lobby of the new addition.

The next scheduled board meeting is the Committee of the Whole at 5:30 p.m. Aug. 27 in the CHS library.