CAMANCHE — After 33 years of service, City Attorney Tom Lonergan is calling it quits in Camanche and heading for a life of retirement.

During his final city council meeting as legal representative on Tuesday, Lonergan was met with praise, gratitude and sincere wishes of luck on his next adventure.

“I’ve been here just about eight years and Tom did a lot of work as a de facto administrator before I started because we didn’t have a city administrator and Tom was a critical piece of all that,” City Administrator Tom Roth said. “I appreciate him allowing me to work into the job, it’s a tough transition and I think we made it work quite well. I’m proud of the eights years we’ve had together and I’m grateful for that.”

Though he will officially resign from his city position, Lonergan has offered to continue providing guidance to the council until his time in the Gateway area ends. His intentions are to move to Minnesota where he can enjoy one of his favorite past-times — fishing.

On many occasions, Lonergan would discuss his fishing successes with his councilmen and members of the community, often telling stories of his fishing trips before council meetings.

It is those moments of easy-going conversation and companionship that councilman Trevor Willis will remember.

“I was a 15-year-old kid and my dad was mayor when he started down here,” Willis said. “He’s done a lot for this city and it is appreciated.”

With gratitude of his own, Lonergan thanked his City Council for its kind words and well wishes, saying that all of his years with the city were well spent.

“I love Camanche. I’ve been here for a long time and I hope that I’ve kept you in safe waters while I’ve been your counsel,” Lonergan said. “I’m thankful to have done it.”

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