Spurred by complaints from neighbors, the Traffic Study Commission on Monday addressed parking issues near Eagle Heights Elementary and Clinton High School.

During its meeting last week, the Rules and Regulations Committee sent both issues to the commission.  

The first item on the agenda was regarding parents parking on 27th Avenue North while they wait for their children to leave Eagle Heights.  

“When they are parked there, it’s a relatively short amount of time,” Eagle Heights principal, Roger Winterlin, said.

Clinton Police Capt. James Klaes reported that the school would like to open the gate at 27th Avenue North for 40 minutes in the morning and afternoon for parents to enter one-way and exit using Main Avenue.

The school has not notified the residents in the area of their intentions.

“I’m not sure it’s as easy as just asking everybody. It looks like a multifaceted concern,” City Engineer Jason Craft said.

The commission moved to table the issue until input is sought.

The CHS parking issue, which has garnered lengthy debate during the Rules and Regulations Committee, drew several residents and CHS Assistant Principal Brian Galusha to the commission meeting.

“We feel the problem is aggravated by the fact that the school charges students for a parking permit,” resident Ric O’Leary said. “The concern of the neighbors is that adequate parking is not provided by the school system.”

O’Leary suggested a first-come, first-serve parking system instead of a paid permit system.

“If there was a little spill-over, I don’t think any of the residents would complain about that,” O’Leary said.

The $30 a year fee goes to pay for various school programs, Galusha explained.

Galusha shared with the group a conversation he had with a student who parked on Briarcliff, one of the areas residents originally raised concerns over.  

“His choice was to park over there.  It wasn’t over a $30 parking permit. It was, that’s where he liked to park,” Galusha said.

One of the proposed solutions was a parking permit system, which would prohibit anyone other than residents and their guests from parking in the debated areas.  Residents were not satisfied with this option.   

The commission ultimately decided not to take any action on the High School parking issue.  The Rules and Regulations Committee voted last week to revisit the CHS parking issue in November after school has been in session.

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