By Amy Kent

Herald Staff Writer

CLINTON — In an attempt to stay relevant and proactive, the city of Clinton is voicing its support for a U.S. 30 improvement project from DeWitt to Lisbon.

Though the particular project won’t directly benefit the city of Clinton, during a meeting on Thursday the City Council expressed that by showing support, it would keep U.S. 30 improvements as part of a five-year plan.

“We want to make sure we’re out in front of it, making a lot of noise,” Councilman Tom Determann said.

With the city’s backing coupled with letters of support from the Clinton County Board of Supervisors and the city of DeWitt, the next phase of the project, an environmental study, can be completed and the project can become a part of that five-year program with the Iowa Department of Transportation.

According to the resolution signed during Thursday’s special meeting, the council believes a widened U.S. 30 would improve transportation safety as well as stimulate economic development in the communities along the corridor which includes Clinton.

Councilman John Rowland asked whether Iowa’s recent 10-cent increase to the state gasoline tax would dictate a timeline the project moves along.

Because this phase of the project is one of the last major corridors to be improved, Determann said he didn’t expect to see anything happen until that five-year plan began to unfold.

That is why Mayor Mark Vulich said Thursday’s resolution of support was so integral to the project’s progression.

“On the 14th, the Highway 30 coalition is going to be making a presentation to actually pitch for the environmental study,” Vulich said. “We want to get that paid for, get it on their plan so that we can get Highway 30 back on the five-year plan. It won’t get on the plan if we don’t get this environmental study done.”

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