CLINTON — The city of Clinton now has a new official flag and seal, courtesy of a Clinton Middle School student.

The symbols were unanimously approved by the Clinton City Council on Tuesday after eighth-grader Morgan Wehling presented his proposals for the flag and seal at a meeting in August.

Wehling’s flag design, two green stripes surrounding a blue with a red paddlewheel in the middle, represents areas like Eagle Point Park and other open spaces, with the Mississippi River and steamboats. His seal, similar, has saw blades around the border to represent the lumber history of the area and a scenic view of a lighthouse on the river, with the paddlewheel panning the background in similar fashion as a sunset.

Wehling has worked with City Administrator Matt Brooke throughout the process, which kicked off after he noticed the lack of symbols representing the city of Clinton. Although the city has a seal, which Wehling finds unappealing, Clinton does not have a flag. With his love of design, Wehling set out to fix this problem.

Pulling from a TED Talk at his presentation to the council last month, Wehling pointed out that some cities may miss the point. A city in Wisconsin that displays partial skyline, according to Wehling, is impractical, citing an ever-changing city infrastructure. The city of San Diego, California weighs too heavily on words.

Upon examination, Wehling found admiration in Chicago's official banner, he told the council. The sleek, simple stars and stripes set Wehling's mind into motion, prompting him to come up with the final design.

Brooke told the council that, upon passage of the ordinance approving the symbols, they are available for use immediately wherever appropriate, and are protected by copyright laws.