A Clinton man received a deferred judgement for attempting to disarm a peace officer of a dangerous weapon and assault on a peace officer, causing bodily injury.

Branson Gunn, 20, was sentenced Thursday by Judge Gary McKenrick after previously pleading guilty to the two charges. Gunn was arrested Nov. 13, 2011 after Clinton police reported to 231 Third Ave. South for a disturbance.

According to the affidavit, Sgt. James Klaes, who was recently promoted to captain, arrived on the scene and attempted to secure Gunn in handcuffs and Gunn began to fight him. When Officer William Sattler arrived, he attempted to push Gunn off of Klaes, according to court documents. Sattler reported that at that time, Gunn reached with his right hand and grabbed the grip of his firearm and Sattler struck Gunn with a flashlight in his left hand and told him to let go of the firearm, according to the affidavit.

When the officers drew their Tasers and told him to stop resisting, Gunn complied, according to court documents. He was arrested for attempting to disarm a peace officer of a dangerous weapon, assault on a police officer and interference with official acts, causing injury.

“It was a big mistake that I did,” Gunn said in court Thursday.

During the sentencing, Gunn modified his previous statement and admitted to intentionally trying to disarm the officer. He apologized for his actions.

Assistant County Attorney Ross Barlow felt that due to the seriousness of the charges, Gunn should receive jail time, which could be suspended. Defense attorney Clayton Grueb, however, argued for a deferred judgement.

He pointed out that Gunn is a young man with a fiance and helps support four children. He also said that Gunn has never been in trouble with the law before and is owning up to his mistakes.

While McKenrick agreed the charges are serious, he also felt a deferred judgement would be appropriate in this case. Gunn will serve two years of supervised probation. The charge of interference with official acts was dismissed.

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