A Clinton man served some jail time for resisting arrest and causing injury to a Clinton police officer.

Seth D. Pladna, 30, 302 Second Ave. South, apartment 2E, pleaded guilty to interference with official acts with bodily injury and was ordered to 90 days in the Clinton county Jail, with 66 days suspended and credit for 24 days served, and was fined $625. He is required to complete 12 months of probation and anger management.

According to court documents, Clinton police responded to the defendant’s residence on March 14 for a report of a verbal domestic disturbance. According to the affidavit, Pladna was “belligerent, angry and would not answer questions.”

While officers were speaking with the defendant’s live-in girlfriend, Pladna stood up from the living room couch and began video recording officers with his phone, putting the phone within 12 inches of one officer’s face, according to the court documents. Officer Anthony Stone told the defendant three times to back up, according to the affidavit.

Court documents continue that Pladna demanded to know the officers’ names. Stone told him their names and then ordered the defendant to sit on the couch, but Pladna refused to comply with these orders.

Pladna struggled with officers and refused to put his hands behind his back while being arrested for interference with official acts. According to court documents, he refused to stand and walk out of the residence. The affidavit continues that Pladna said if they were taking him to jail, they would have to “work for it.”

Officers carried the defendant from the apartment, down the stairs. After securing the defendant in his cell, Stone saw a scratch on his left hand that was bleeding, according to the affidavit.

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