The Clinton area has been hit with a large number of criminal mischiefs to motor vehicles in the past 10 days.

Many of the offenses occur overnight and include damage to side mirrors and windows, reports show.  

On Aug. 2 alone, five vehicles in the 100 and 200 blocks of Fayette Street were damaged.

Police say around 300 of these types of crimes happen in a year and there is usually an increase during summer.   

Although the majority of the offenses are occurring in the mid-town area, there have been reports throughout Clinton, Police Chief Brian Guy said.

Two businesses, Rotti Motors and Dick’s Auto Sales, both had vehicles damaged as well as items stolen from the vehicles during the same time period as the crimes committed to residents’ vehicles.

It is unknown if any of the crimes are connected.

The police department does not have any suspects and is asking residents to report any suspicious activity they observe.

Residents can call Crime Stoppers at 242-6595 with information.