Action taken during the March 13 meeting of the City Council established a once-per-year large item pick-up policy.

Scheduled for Aug. 13 and 20, this annual pick-up schedule will replace the previously observed spring and fall large item pickup.

Households south of First Avenue and including First Avenue can begin taking their unwanted items to the curb the weekend before Aug. 13. Residents north of First Avenue can do the same the weekend of Aug. 20.

Building and Neighborhood Services Inspector Chris Schneider said that households that leave items out on the curb prior to those dates will be in violation of the city’s nuisance laws.

Not deviating from these dates is especially important this year, Schneider said, with RAGBRAI coming through town this summer.

“I really hope people pay attention to (the schedule),” Schneider said. “Especially with RAGBRAI coming up. Obviously we all want to be proud of our town when the RAGBRAI riders come.”

She said that she has already received complaints from residents about trash being left on curbs, presumably by residents anticipating spring cleanup.