With no discussion, the Clinton City Council on Tuesday night approved a solid waste billing fee structure in which a never-implemented tipping fee will be replaced by a flat fee.

The council voted 4-2, with Ward 4 Councilman Paul Gassman and Ward 1 Councilwoman Maggie Klaes dissenting, to accept the resolution that keeps the $9.25 residential household fee in place and adds a $5.25 flat fee to the bills of those who use the service.

The flat fee will go into effect May 1. The resolution states the fee structure will be reviewed in six months.

Klaes said the problems that the city found itself dealing with as it switched over from a sticker system to automated trash pickup are being resolved.

“There are a lot of positive things going on,” she said. “There should be no problems after six months.”

The issues have included microchip-embedded trash carts that were delivered to incorrect addresses, scanning hardware on trucks that has proven to be problematic and city billing software that has had to be built from scratch to accommodate the usage-based pay model approved by the City Council when the automated service was adopted.

The revised billing rates replace the resolution approved in July that would have charged the $9.25 per month as well as a tipping fee for the city-approved solid waste container at a cost of $1.25 per tip. Non-customers of the city’s trash pickup service will not be subject to a fee increase under the new language.

Since the automated trash pick-up system and billing structure were approved last fall, the city has not collected monthly solid waste charges, outside of the $9.25 waste fee paid by all households throughout the city that helps cover landfill costs. Council members have pointed out that the new fee should prevent the worsening of the solid waste fund deficit, but is not designed to make up for lost revenue.

In other business the council:

• granted a land easement to the Clinton Business Park Development Corporation;

• accepted the bid and awarded the contract for asphalt street reclamation and resurfacing project 2012-D to Determan Asphalt Paving for $1.069 million

• approved the first reading of an ordinance amendment that would create a sticker system for overflowing trash cans. Discussion at the March 27 City Services Committee meeting revealed that several city solid waste customers were overfilling their trash carts.

This amendment would require citizens with overfilled trash cans to purchase a $5 sticker from city hall that would be placed on the excess garbage bags, assuming the bags are placed in or on the carts. Bags left on the ground would not be picked up.

• approved a resolution to set a meeting date on the authorization of a loan and disbursement agreement and the issuance of not to exceed $2.279 million sewer revenue capital loan notes. This is to pay for a portion of the Liberty Avenue project, said City Engineer Jason Craft.

• approved a resolution directing acceptance of a proposal to purchase general obligation loan notes that create a refund bond situation that will save the city of Clinton $61,000, according to City Administrator Jeff Horne.

• approved a resolution authorizing construction of improvement, setting a public hearing and directing advertisement for bids for the Prairie Village Storm Sewer Replacement project.

• accepted a bid for $27,000 plus $50 an acre for 2012 levee mowing from Hometown Landscaping.

• approved a resolution accepting a bid for a utility class loader backhoe for the Public Works Department from Titen Machinery for $75,400.

• approved a resolution for a one-ton dual rear wheel dump truck for the Public Works Department from McEleney Motors.

• approved a resolution to appoint Mike Brown as  fire chief effective today at a starting salary of $81,893.

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