CLINTON — As of this week, Clinton County has gone to a digital filing system. 

Clinton County has followed the lead of other counties that have gone paperless previously. In the last few months, staff at the county courthouse have gotten training regarding how the processes will change. With the electronic filing system being new, Clinton County Attorney Mike Wolf admits there are some growing pains in the process but is happy with how the staff members have adjusted to the changes. 

“I am remarkably proud of our office and staff,” Wolf said. “They have all had a can-do attitude and have been working together to make it work.” 

Other counties, including Scott County and Muscatine County, have used the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). Other counties have had to switch their database system because it was not compatible with the filing system. Fortunately for Clinton County, the database it currently has is the one used by other county attorney offices in the state of Iowa. 

 Wolf admits there are some disadvantages to EDMS filing, especially in the beginning of the process. It is new for everyone working at the courthouse and Wolf said there will be an adjustment period. With the changes in the process, a wrong first step made can force them to have to backtrack to correct the mistakes they made. He says they have received good advice from other judges who have experience with the electronic filing system. 

“It’s been a process,” Wolf said. “It’s a series of steps so it’s a work in progress. It’s going to be a while before we fully acclimate and become efficient at it. It’s new and there’s a bit of the unknown.” 

Still, Wolf sees this as being a benefit to the county once everyone gets used to the new electronic filing system. He says there will be some inefficiencies in the beginning but thinks that with time the system will be more efficient than the previous paper filing system. 

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