CLINTON — After eliminating five county positions last week, the Clinton County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday discussed how they will fill the duties left vacant when the positions no longer exist. 

County Auditor Eric Van Lancker led discussion on how the county plans to fulfill duties left vacant in the Board of Supervisors office and Human Resources department. Many of the duties will be filled by Van Lancker and the Auditor’s Office. The auditor’s office will prepare the agenda for the weekly Board of Supervisors meeting. One change will be the recording of meetings. Instead of getting the transcript of the meeting, the Auditor’s Office can record the meeting and transfer the audio file to a hard drive for the Supervisors to reference. 

“Before I knew your office used to transcribe those but in talking to you guys it doesn’t seem like having those meetings transcribed is really of any traditional use to you,” Van Lancker said. “But what we will do is have the audio downloaded onto the Supervisor server so you can go back and listen to the meetings if you need.” 

The  board also discussed how it will deal with appointments that were handled by the Human Resources coordinator. The HR coordinator handled the appointments of the HIPAA Privacy Officer, ADA Coordinator Title 1 and Title 2 and the Title 6 Coordinator will be handled by the Board of Supervisors. Van Lancker recommended Patti Robinson, case management director, be named the HIPAA Privacy Officer and for Corey Johnson, building maintenance manager, to be named ADA coordinator. 

The board suggested that Robinson and Johnson put together information about the requirements if they were to take over the positions. Supervisor Dan Srp asked them to put this information together in the next couple weeks so the Supervisors could review it and make an informed decision. 

“My request would be that Patti and Corey, respectively, look into what the requirements are for both of those assignments,” Srp said. “If you could give a memo to the three of us kind of outlining what those responsibilities are and then followed with your thoughts about being willing to take those on. And I’m not trying to force anything on you but if you’d at least agree to gather the information for us, it’d be greatly appreciated.” 

Supervisor Shawn Hamerlinck stressed that he would like to have a full-time Human Resources manager when the county has the funds in the budget. He acknowledged this is not in the county’s plans in the near future, but said he is going to continue to lobby for this position to be added eventually. Srp said he would be willing to hear a proposal but is not sure there would be a need for a full-time position if the duties of the position could be filled by other people.

“I’m going to have to learn a lot more about what you’re talking about, what your proposal is,” Srp said. “Because I guess my opinion is if we have personnel in the Auditor’s Office, County Attorney’s office and a consultant can handle those needs for the county, I don’t know that we need to have a full-time person dedicated for that. And I’m not sold on the idea because right now we’ve got other personnel it sounds like to me that are available and willing and capable.”

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