CLINTON — The Clinton County Administration Building property may go under construction in the near future. 

Clinton County Building Maintenance Manager Corey Johnson met with the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday to discuss possible companies to hire for construction at the County Administration Building. According to Johnson, they are considering bids from two different companies, Shive Hattery and IIW. One of the main goals of the project is to redesign the retaining wall at the administration building. The retaining wall would be about 140 feet. Johnson said one difference in the two bids is the amount of borings the companies think is necessary for the retaining wall. 

“The difference in the two proposals is they’re going to do some boring to make sure the subs to hold the retaining wall is good enough,” Johnson said. “One architect is saying two borings is enough for a 140-foot wall. One is saying no, we need more than that. We need to do four to make sure this wall isn’t going to move in a long period of time. 

According to Johnson, Shive Hattery did not offer to do a slope analysis, while IIW did include a slope analysis in the bid. No matter which bid is accepted, Johnson made it clear they would have to offer the county a two-year warranty.

Johnson said they got two bids, one for $27,200 and the other bid was for $21,800. Johnson said he would like to meet with the companies to discuss whether the bid that is more expensive would be worth it for the county. 

“What I’d like to do is after visiting with our county engineer again, let’s ask them for a detailed slope analysis,” Johnson said. “What are they going to provide? Are they going to provide a four to one volume grade and you should be fine. Well that’s something that our county engineer could do for us. Or are they going to give us in-depth detail that’s going to help our secondary roads when they come in and do the bulldozing work. So, I guess at this point, I’m going to go back to IIW and ask for a little more detail on that slope.” 

 One of the main goals of the construction would be to improve the handicapped parking accessibility at the Administration Building, which Supervisors Vice Chairman Dan Srp thinks is an important part of the proposal. 

“Handicap parking will be parked in front of the building at an angle,” Johnson said. “So we will have six handicapped parking starting about six feet out at the end of this sidewalk. The handicap parking will be started right there straight in a line going across the front of the building, which allows us to move handicapped parking from all the way back there.” 

Johnson said he will gather more information on the two proposals before bringing a resolution before the board. 

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