Grant aims for healthier choices

Photo submitted by Kristi CooleyBluff Elementary School students show off their new water bottles that are part of a grant from Delta Dental and includes a new water filling station by the building’s office as well as $500 to be used by the school’s Wellness Committee to fund healthy initiatives for students.

CLINTON — A grant from Delta Dental is helping Clinton elementary school students lead healthier lifestyles.

According to Bluff Elementary School Principal Kristi Cooley, her school, along with Jefferson Elementary School, was chosen by the organization to receive a $500 grant, a new “water filling station” near the building’s office, and a new water bottle for each student.

The students have been ecstatic about the additions, Cooley said.

“Our nurse saw the grant and she was eager to fill it out,” Cooley said Wednesday. “We’ve got our water filling station all installed, and our kids have been really excited about it. We’re obviously excited about it, and now we’re looking at ways for our Wellness Committee to best use the $500.”

Cooley said various ways of using the grant funding have been discussed, including recycling initiatives, as well as looking into programs to “get students moving.”

“We really want to show our kids how important it is to exercise and be active, so I think this grant will really help us do that,” Cooley said.

The new filling station has been a welcome addition to the building, Cooley explained, but the principal believes the education that could could come from the initiative will be invaluable.

Cooley and her staff, as well as those at Jefferson Elementary, are now eager to get and keep students on board with a healthier way of going about their everyday lives.

“It’s been so great to have the new filling station and water bottles because I think they’ll help the kids get excited about staying healthy,” Cooley said. “We really want to know the benefits of making the healthier choice of drinking more water. We hope this introduces the kids to healthier options than sugary sports drinks or pop, things like that. There are healthier options available, and we hope our kids see that.”

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