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This detour sign at Ninth Street and Seventh Avenue in Camanche is one of many directional signs put up for the Washington Boulevard construction. City Council members discussed changing the signs at a meeting Tuesday.

Natalie Conrad/Clinton Herald
Herald Staff Writer

Local business owners approached city council members to discuss Washington Boulevard detour signs at a meeting Tuesday.

Directional signs for a select few local businesses were put up for the major project.

Adrian Deering, owner of Adrian’s Auto Shop and A&B Storage, presented his opinion on the signs to the council. Representatives from several other local businesses such as Spring Garden and Bruce’s House of Beauty also attended the meeting.

“There are six signs for Kramer’s, there should be signs for all of us,” Deering said. “What is good for one is good for all.”

City Administrator Tom Roth pointed out that letters had been sent to about 35 businesses and he only heard back from five. Those five were included on the signs. Those businesses also represent some of the major traffic throughout the community as well, according to the council.

“You don’t see signs for businesses when there is construction in many cities, like the Quad Cities,” City Engineer Dan Solchenberger said.

The Council discussed getting rid of the current signs and putting in two 4-by-6-foot signs, one at each end of town.

Roth said there is plenty of money in the budget for signs that has not been used. The new signs would cost about $2,000, according to Roth.

 Solchenberger said the signs could be in as early next week, if they placed an order this week. While many of these businesses are not on the portion of Washington Boulevard that is currently under construction, plans for signage as the project progresses had not been thoroughly discussed.

“Right now we are about three weeks from reaching Ninth Street,” Solchenberger said. “We send people and businesses a letter at least a week before the construction reaches them.”

The Council decided to work on getting the new signs and including all the businesses.

“I think we should move forward the same way we started, to support the businesses of this town,” Mayor Ken Fahlbeck said. “We should keep up with the signage and keep in touch with the businesses.”


• Council approved an ordinance amending Camanche Iowa Code of Ordinances by changing the section of the Iowa Code established in chapter 3-3-6, Item 6, Driving without Valid License.

• Council approved a resolution for an updated version of the Clinton County Communications Commission 28-E agreement dated January 2012.

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