FULTON, Ill. — Last spring, KT3 Fitness moved into the then-Robert Fulton Community Center in downtown Fulton.

The local gym soon will grow into the full space of the building, which has been purchased from the city of Fulton by KT3 Fitness owner Kyle Huebner.

To ease the any growing pains, community center activities for a time will still be held at the building, located at 912 Fourth St. Huebner said the center room of the building will still serve as a community room.

Huebner’s $120,000 bid was officially accepted for the north plot of the city’s community center at the last Fulton City Council meeting. Huebener and his partner, Colleen Temple of FitAssist, have plans to bring more accessible fitness programs to the community.

The extended gym space will offer 24-hour access to weight room and cardio equipment. Huebner and Temple also are expanding their classes, which will take place in the available garage bays.

Huebner saw a need in the community, and hopes to promote healthy living and fitness with an all-around accessible fitness center. He hopes more people in Fulton will take advantage of the space as it sits in a central point in town in the building that also had housed the city’s fire station.

“We just plan to make it just a good environment,” Huebner said. “Comfortable environment, along with an environment that will motivate people to become better.”

Huebner also hopes that the 24-hour access encourages people to continue X-training, which is a new class that will be offered. The intense workout courses were a void Huebner sought to fill. Now as the owner of the building, rather than a renter, he’s able to fill in the fitness gaps.

“There’s so much need for it,” he said. “I will be the only X-training gym that offers 24-hour access, so people can work outside the class time. I think that’s a big plus.”

New boot camps, yoga sessions and classes for older generations will be added as well. Huebner also wants to reach people who work late hours so they can work out at anytime in the comfort of their hometown.

“(We) try to cater to all the fitness needs so we can try to come together, so people can work out in Fulton,” he said. “Maybe (it) will act as a bridge between the city (and Clinton)... it will close that gap to create a good atmosphere for everyone.”

Fitness is a passion for Huebner. Already, he has 50-60 members at his gym, but he hopes he’s found ways to others become more fit.

FitAssist, Temple’s portion of the fitness facility, will rent space from Huebner. The duo’s lease began in the spring, after a council-approved, year-long lease in March. When the City Council first approved the ordinance allowing for the sale of RFCC in October, Huebner was immediately interested in submitting a bid of purchase.

At a November council meeting, with an original bid for $55,995 for the parcel one (including the north parking lot) he told council members he was confident in his business plan to bring more people to the gym.

Now, with room to grow, Huebner can carry out his passion for healthier lifestyles in the community. By offering more services and getting the word out, Huebner hopes to bring in 250 more members by the end of this year.

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