Fulton hikes sewer rate costs

FULTON, Ill. — Following an April decision during budget workshops, the city of Fulton has approved an ordinance to raise sewer costs by 8 percent by June 1.

Low-flow faucets, low-capacity toilets and other water reduction tactics have been successful in reducing consumer water usage. Four percent of the increase will compensate for the shift in usage while the other 4 percent will go toward depreciation funds as the city looks to tackle infrastructure repairs.

“For several years now we have not kept up with the cost of doing business on the water/sewer side,” Public Works Director Dan Clark said in an April workshop. “The increase is going to help us do that... (We want to) greatly reduce major expenses down the road, as long as we are putting money away for that.”

Alderwoman Barb Mask, in favor of the increase, is sensitive to the burden on the taxpayer. However, it’s a necessity to bulk up the depreciation fund for city infrastructure, she said.

“It’s a significant increase,” Mask said. “But we are wanting to make sure we can cover the cost to replacing some of that structure that’s old.”