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Fourth Street north of Ninth Avenue will be reclaimed and overlaid within the year 2012-13 as part of the city of Fulton's Capital Improvement Plan.

Natalie Conrad/Clinton Herald
Herald Staff Writer

Aldermen took action and discussed several major projects for the city, including the Capital Improvement Plan at a city council meeting Monday. The plan included several street, water and sewer improvements.

A workbook for the plan divided it into four jobs for a total of $603,000. The first being sanitary sewer cleaning and video on 13th Avenue South at $48,000. Public Works Director Dan Clark said the project will help determine what further work needs to be done.

“What we learn from this will help us put together a plan for the next four to five years,” Clark said.

The second job includes a 1.5 foot HMO at North 12th Street and Melody Hill and a new 6-foot water main at Rose Lane and Sharon Lane. The water main has been fixed multiple times and is in need of a replacement, according to Clark. These two projects will cost $116,000 and $203,000 respectively.

Reclaiming Fourth Street north of Ninth Avenue at $172,000 and putting in a 1.5 foot HMO at 22nd Avenue/Ninth Street to 19th Avenue to Illinois 84 at $64,000 round out the jobs in the workbook.

Aldermen also approved the budget ordinance for 2012-2013. Alderman Randy Boonstra said the council will have to make changes to health benefits for employees in the future in order to sustain the budget.

“We need to do something soon to lower these costs,” Boonstra said. “We should get it started next year. This is not sustainable. If we don’t make cuts now, we will have to cut something else in the future.”

The cost of health benefits has increased by 7.5 percent each year, which means in 10 years it will account for 25 percent of the city’s budget, Boonstra said.

Matt Hansen from Willett, Hofmann and Associates presented to the council about bids for the $3 million well/filter project. The total project cost is estimated at $3,381,625. The project cost is based on bid results is $3,571,675.

Other actions:

• Aldermen approved a water rate increase ordinance for a 50/50 fixed variable rate.

• Aldermen approved street closure requests for Dutch Days.

• Aldermen approved a 20-year Capital Improvement Plan bond.

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