The Gateway ImpACT Coalition received a $124,998 grant to continue fighting drug abuse in the Clinton area.

The grant is a part of the Drug Free Communities Support Program administered by the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

“It helps us out a lot,” Director Derek Clark said.

This is the 10th year the organization has received the grant.  Although Clark was confident the group would again be a recipient, it wasn’t until last week that he got the official word.

“Until you get it there’s always doubt,” Clark said. “Just knowing is a good feeling.”

The organization received $2 less than the maximum grant amount of $125,000.  

The grants are awarded annually to groups that establish and strengthen collaboration to support the efforts of local coalitions working to prevent and reduce substance use among youth.  The grant is also designed to reduce substance use among  adults by addressing the factors in a community that increase the risk of substance abuse and promote factors that minimize the risk of abuse.

The Gateway ImpACT Coalition, formerly known as the Clinton Substance Abuse Council, meets those criteria by working to reduce drug abuse and make changes on a community level, Clark said.

According to Clark, the funding will support the Marijuana and Underage Drinking workgroup, the Community Action Against Drugs workgroup and the Drug Endangered Children workgroup.

“It will allow us to continue the work that we do and work with out coalition partners,” he said.

The grant money will be awarded Oct. 1 and will last until Sept. 30, 2013.