Hart brings commercial art studio to Clinton

John Rohlf/Clinton HeraldKaryn Hart recently moved to Clinton to be close to family.

CLINTON — Karyn Hart moved to Clinton a year ago to be closer to her family, and has since opened her first commercial art studio. 

Hart opened the Art Gypsy’s Cafe, 317 S. Second St., Suite E, in October. The focus of her business is on art. She also offers psychic readings. 

She said she was blessed with psychic abilities from a young age. She admits people frequently do not believe that she is psychic and recalls an occasion when she shocked a friend with her abilities. 

“I would have friends who pestered me to read for them,” Hart said. “They were left speechless because I was so dead on. It’s a special gift.” 

According to Hart, there are different specialties for psychics. She says one type of psychic is a medium psychic. This involves bringing a person’s loved one back either through an in-body experience or by talking to a loved one.

Another type of psychic is a clairvoyant psychic, which is what Hart describes herself as. 

“I see the spirit through a mental image and communicate through visual art,” Hart said. “I feel people’s emotions and look at energy. I am not hired to have an opinion.” 

Hart says her psychic and art business have been picking up in the recent weeks. She says she has gotten requests for special projects, such as shoes and other paintings.

She thinks that business will continue to pick up as more people hear about her business and what it can offer.

“This is more work than I expected,” Hart said. “But I like inspiring a creative expression to give people freedom.” 

Hart held more conventional jobs before opening the store in October. She spent time working for the Highway Patrol in California. This included three years as a firefighter. Then she spent 10 years as a landscape designer in Napa Valley, California. 

She also owned wineries and started working part-time at a winery when she moved to Clinton. 

Herald Staff Writer John Rohlf can be reached at jrohlf@clintonherald.com.

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