The city of Clinton is being sued by Hensley’s Disposal, LLC., for allegedly picking up garbage from private customers.

Hensley’s Disposal is a solid waste pickup and disposal service operating in Clinton, with a city license, according to a lawsuit filed last week. This lawsuit  names the city, as well as City Administrator Jeffrey Horne and Public Works Director Gary Schellhorn as defendants and claims that in September 2011, the city began to pick up solid waste from Hensley’s Disposal’s customers, without any rights or instructions from those customers and at no cost to those customers.

According to the lawsuit, Hensley’s Disposal claims that the city “intentionally and improperly” interfered with its business by removing the solid waste. According to the lawsuit, the removal of the plaintiff’s customers’ waste by the city lost the plaintiff revenue and customers.

The lawsuit also claims the city took this property without due process and violated the plaintiff’s civil rights. The suit seeks damages, interest, punitive damages and legal cost, including attorney fees.

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