KNOXVILLE – A Facebook post suggesting President Donald Trump “needs to take in a show at Ford’s Theater” resulted in a member of the local school board resigning Thursday night.

Board member Mike Helle submitted the post earlier in the day in response to a message from another person, then removed it, Des Moines radio station WHO reported.

Ford’s Theater in Washington, D. C., was the site of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln in 1865 by John Wilkes Booth.

The radio station’s screen shot of the Facebook post read: “Bill, I see you must be part of Russia. You also missed my Twitter remark. I was saying that Trump (Twitter) needs to be neutralized. Trump needs to take in a show at Ford’s Theater.”

Lt. Aaron Fuller of the Knoxville Police Department said the Secret Service has been advised of the post and local authorities will “assist them in any manner they request.”

Cassi Pearson, superintendent of the Knoxville Community School District, said while at a middle school play Thursday night she received a text from Helle resigning from the school board. She said the text was also sent to the board president.

“I had been notified earlier that he (Helle) had made a Facebook post as an individual,” Pearson said. “It in no way reflects the feelings of the school district or the school board. He has a very strong political view that he is not shy about.”

Details for this story were provided by the Knoxville, Iowa, Chronicle.

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