CLINTON — The Clinton County Board of Supervisors has approved a request from the county information technology department to re-establish a fourth full-time employee for that department.

Information Technology Director Betsy Smith stated the county in August went from four full-time employees to three full-time employees in the department, with the fourth employee classified as part time. Smith said she was hopeful the department would be able to function with three full-time and one part-time employee but requested the county consider moving the part-time employee back to full time.

“As time has gone on, I’m seeing areas where we are lacking,” Smith said. “Some of those are response time for our service requests has increased a bit. We have projects that we put on hold, things that we’d really like to get done. A lot of those have to do with HIPPA documentation, standard operating procedures, getting those things in order. We really need to get a comprehensive inventory. We start and then that gets pushed to the back burner all the time. Our website updates are not always made in a timely manner. We do them a few minutes in between.”

Smith said another aspect that is leading to the need for another full-time employee is the new law center. The information technology department currently has one person working with the jail and law enforcement network but believes when the new facility opens they will need two full-time employees working at the facility.

“We are really going to need two people when we get to the point where we are installing equipment, getting the network up and running, things like that. And it’s going to take two people to staff that, I believe, at all times. You need two people to know it inside and out.”

Supervisor Dan Srp said the request was to add hours to the current part-time position to make the employee full time, which was the case prior to making the fourth employee part time. He stated the county is not adding another employee but increasing the number of hours the fourth employee may work.

The Supervisors unanimously approved a resolution to make the part-time position full time, leading to an increase of $36,900 in the information technology budget.