Rachael Keating/Clinton Herald

Construction workers are shown in late July at the site that will house Clinton County’s new law center.

CLINTON — The Clinton County Board of Supervisors has approved a motion to refine the payment method for contractors working on the new law center project.

Clinton County Building Maintenance Manager Corey Johnson requested the county consider altering the payment process for contractors for the law center project. The previous process for payment was for the contractors to have their bills into Samuels Group Project Manager Curt Schleicher with the Samuels Group by the 25th of each month. Schleicher then has seven days to process that bill to Shive Hattery.

"At that point, after he has everything gathered together I'd like him to send that bill to myself and the county auditor and also to Shive Hattery," Johnson said. "At that point we will release that bill for payment. What this is doing is it's speeding up the process."

Johnson said the bill is currently getting checked by three different entities, being the county, the Samuels Group and Shive Hattery. He still believes all three entities should check and verify the bill but does not believe it is necessary to make the contractors wait for 60 to 90 days. Johnson stated the change in policy would reduce the wait time for payment by 25 to 30 days.

"I'm not saying we all shouldn't have a look at it. But I'm saying at that point we can release the bill to the auditor to get paid. Because at that point it takes him, depending on where it falls in the billing cycle, seven to 14 days before the Samuels Group gets the paycheck or the check back from the county. At that time Shive Hattery would still have those 14 days to review it. And if they would find a major problem that Curt and I would not find and we would agree on it we need to hold the payment, they can still hold payment from the contractor until they get that proof. It's just that we're not waiting on us to cut the check."

The current contract amount for the law center project is $23.9 million. There has been approximately $4.6 million billed to date and $1.6 million paid through September 2017. The concrete slab on grade was installed where the steel cells will be placed. Pauly Jail will be laying out the steel cells on Dec. 8 and the steel cells will be on Dec. 11. The Samuels Group will then start to install masonry and structural steel, which will be followed up with underground plumbing and electrical work.

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