PITTSBURGH — The jury deliberating the double homicide case against Allen Wade will continue its work Monday morning.

The panel of seven women and five men deliberated throughout the day Friday without reaching a verdict.

Wade, 45, is charged with shooting Sarah Wolfe, 38, and her sister, Susan Wolfe, 44, at their East Liberty home Feb. 6, 2014.

The victims were former residents of Clinton. Their bodies were found the next day. Wade, their next-door neighbor, was charged about a month later.

Prosecutors have said he killed them to take their ATM cards to get quick cash.

The case before Common Pleas Judge Edward J. Borkowski began May 2 and included about 60 witnesses over 12 days of testimony.

One juror was replaced by one of four alternates Thursday after the judge said the man acted improperly during deliberations.

If the jury finds Wade guilty of first-degree murder, the case will move into a penalty phase, where the prosecution will present evidence that he should be sentenced to death.

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