CLINTON — Ten years ago, Brooke Craig was known as a Prince of Peace high school athlete who was “impossible to replace.”

Now Craig, a 26-year-old woman with a young son of her own, is charged with capital murder in Greenville, Texas, accused of shooting at a moving vehicle and killing her boyfriend’s 7-year-old son as a result.

Craig is being held at the Hunt County Detention Center in Texas on one count of capital murder of a child under 10, no driver’s license, no seat belt and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The events leading to her arrest unfolded Dec. 28, when police responded to a disturbance call at the Greenville home. Craig and her boyfriend, Cameron Castillo, were not there. Police while on scene received a call that 7-year-old Kaden Green, Castillo’s son, had been dropped off at the hospital.

Authorities say there had been some type of disturbance at the home and that Craig shot at the car while Castillo was driving away. Three children, including Kaden, were in the vehicle. Craig and a witness approached the vehicle. Craig got in. The witness took the boy, who had been shot in the chest, to Hunt Regional Medical Center a mile and a half away.

Early the next morning, Craig and Castillo, who were spotted in a store parking lot in another town, led authorities on a car chase and were apprehended 45 miles from Greenville.

Those events are leading her former coaches and others who knew her to question how it all came to be.

Past Clinton Herald articles show a Prince of Peace athlete full of talent.

In 2008, her Prince of Peace basketball coach, David Nelson, told the Clinton Herald of Craig’s dominance on the court upon signing day to Cornell College.

And in submitted articles from past sports writers at the Clinton Herald as well as general game reports, Craig shines. She was the long-jump leader in track at Prince of Peace, and scored the all-time triple-jump as a sophomore.

Prince of Peace Principal Nancy Peart told the Herald last week that Craig had a positive experience at the school. She was a first-team Big East All-Conference basketball player, a track state qualifier and participant in the Drake Relays.

Ted Tornow, general manager of the Clinton LumberKings, also told the Herald that he had hired Craig for a summer position around 2010. She worked the season, and Tornow said there was no trouble, ever. He opened up the newspaper in the last days of December 2017 and was in disbelief.

“What happened between 2010 to winter 2017 that it spiraled so downhill that she was even in the position to do that,” Tornow asked.

Nelson expressed his sympathy about the tragedy.

“I am very sad and feel for all of those affected by this terrible tragedy. My prayers go out to the families and friends,” Nelson said.

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