MORRISON, Ill. — The public is invited to attend an open house at Resthave Retirement and Nursing Home at 408 Maple Ave. on Sunday, April 12, from 1 to 3 p.m. 

The open house will showcase the newly constructed nursing addition.

Due to the increase in size from double rooms for 49 occupants, the new nursing addition has 70 beds, all of which are private and with private bath. The nursing wing is now home not only to the nursing residents who migrated from the old nursing area, but also to those residents from the Four Seasons addition at Morrison Community Hospital.

“People picked their own room based on their needs and wants,” commented Marketing Director Karla Burn. “We tried to accommodate their preferences of views, sun or not, and closeness to activities of the home.”

Marilyn Herrick is a six-plus year resident of Resthave. She has watched the building of the Assisted Living Area and now the completion of the new wing where she is now at home. 

“Resthave is a second life to me,” she said. “I have all I need here plus I do not have to share a room. I wanted my privacy and now I have it. I have a normal life.”

So now each person has “his or her own home” complete with knick-knacks, pictures, and precious items that makes the room finished. 

The Resthave Board, administrators and staff welcome the community to celebrate this second phase of building. Refreshments will be served.