With Second Amendment issues at the forefront following the Sandy Hook shooting, the Camanche City Council discussed the hot topic at a meeting last week.

They considered a resolution expressing opposition to efforts by any level of government to establish a policy that will encroach upon the rights bestowed upon U.S. citizens by the Second Amendment.

“We need to send a message to the government above us that they are hurting one of the simplest amendments,” Councilman Paul Varner said.

The resolution was brought forward by Councilman Gary Kampe, who said he had been confronted by numerous people regarding the issue. Councilmen were in agreement that it is not the right time to address the issue and decided to table the resolution.

“This is a hot topic right now, so I think we should hold this for a bit,” Councilman Greg Nelson said.

“How long do we wait?” Varner responded. “Until the next shooting? We need to send a message that enough is enough.”

City Attorney Tom Lonergan recommended discussing the resolution again in 30 days.

“I’m not trying to stir up a hornet’s nest,” Kampe said. “I’m just trying to keep what this country has.”

Other actions

• The Council approved the appointment of Dan Solchenberger from Shive-Hattery Inc. as City Engineer for a two-year term.

• The Council approved a road maintenance agreement between the cities of Clinton and Camanche providing for resurfacing.

• The Council accepted the resignation of Tom Powell as building inspector effective May 1. The fire department will take on the responsibilities of the position, saving the city $12,000.

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