New president at local Habitat group

Rachael Keating/Clinton HeraldJean Grager is the new president of Habitat for Humanity in Clinton County.

Jean Grager recently became the president of Habitat for Humanity in Clinton County after taking over for Art Ollie when he retired. Find out more about her in this week’s edition of Meet Your Neighbor.

What were you doing before you were president?

I was secretary and I took notes. My husband has a wood working shop at our home and he sprays the doors for them, white paint on all the doors. They come out and paint the trim.

How did you initially get involved with Habitat for Humanity?

My husband was on it first and they needed more people and I was retired from teaching. I retired in 2010. I started out doing study hall in 1974 and then I got the teaching job in 1976.

What is something someone would not know about you?

I like to go boating on the Mississippi River but people know that. I have two boats, a fishing boat and a runabout. I used to water ski on the Mississippi in Maquoketa.

What is your favorite restaurant in town?

Pizza Ranch.

What has been your favorite thing you’ve done with Habitat for Humanity?

Fundraising, I’m on the fundraising committee. We do touch a truck; we did that Aug. 26 and that was a neat event. The kids got to go up in an airplane and go for an airplane ride.

Do you have any big plans for your first year as president?

Just to keep the program going and help people out so they can afford a house.