GOOSE LAKE— The Northeast School Board approved a motion for a greenhouse construction project at the school board meeting Wednesday night.

Joel Frost, an Ag educator in the Northeast School District, presented a proposal for the greenhouse to the school board. The goal of the greenhouse is to allow for more instruction in many plant sciences, including horticulture and the agronomy and crop science applications.

“It gives them (other agriculture classes) another avenue to explore crop science, corn, beans, different forest drops and kind of do the same thing,” Frost said. “Agri-science is an area, we saw yesterday some kids out at state conference, state convention that did science-fair type projects with an agriculture flair.”

After contacting businesses, Frost told the board he estimated construction of the project will cost over $66,000. So far, $57,000 has been funded. Northeast received a grant of over $37,500 from the Clinton County Development Association. 

The district also received $6,500 from two pledges from the FFA.

One of the pledges came from the Northeast FFA chapter and the other pledge came from the FFA alumni chapter. They also received a $4,000 grant from the DeWitt Lincolnway Foundation and a $2,500 grant from Dupont and Pioneer. Frost also said there are two additional grants that have been written and submitted.

Despite not having all the funds accounted for, High School Principal Alicia Christiansen stated she was not concerned with the lack of funds.

“We have some Perkins options,” Christiansen said. “We had allocated in there; there’s about $3,000 or $4,000 he had put in that budget for benches and stuff. CT gets Perkins funding each year so we’ve kind of prepared this year that, July 1, Joel was going to get access to the majority of that money to build that inside usage. So I think between those grant options, FFA, if there was still a little bit of a gap in regards to the cost, I think they would help us out a little bit if need be.”

After hearing discussion about the greenhouse, the Bboard approved the greenhouse project. Frost and Christiansen said work is planned to be done in July and they hope the project will be done for next school year.

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