CLINTON — Parole Officer Scott Filseth is alleging a Clinton woman violated the terms of parole and has requested a warrant be issued for the alleged violations.

Filseth on March 6 filed preliminary parole violation information for Jade L. Green, 23, 1507 Pershing Blvd. Filseth alleged that on Nov. 29, Green violated a condition of parole by testing positive by urinalysis for methamphetamine.

Filseth alleged Green violated the condition restrictions on movement, which required Green to reside at the place designated in Filseth's parole instructions. The rule states Green was not to change residence unless receiving prior approval. The report alleges that on Dec. 6, Filseth received a call from Green's mother, who told the parole officer Green "doesn't stay here." Green's mother stated Green was taking bags out of the house and believed Green was still in Clinton but was not sure where.

Filseth alleged multiple violations on Dec. 12. The report alleges that during a telephone conversation, Green admitted to smoking marijuana and using methamphetamine intravenously. The report also alleges a positive urinalysis test for methamphetamine. Filseth gave Green a directive to enter the detox program at CADS/Country Oaks and complete any follow-up treatment. The report alleges that as of Jan. 9 Green had not entered the detox/aftercare program at CADS/Country Oaks.

The report continues that on Feb. 15 Filseth received information from a residential admissions counselor for Prelude Behavioral Services in Iowa City that Green walked out of inpatient treatment on Feb. 14, only 10 minutes after arriving at the treatment center.

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